The TRUTH About Invisalign


  1. Invisalign braces are invisible – MYTH

    This is probably the most commonly misunderstood part about Invisalign – blame the marketing team lol. One of the main reasons that people choose the Invisalign treatment is because they are claimed to be “invisible braces”. Yes, they would be not so obvious if someone was standing 3 meters or more away from you, but generally, when talking to anyone face to face, they will most likely notice it. ESPECIALLY if you have “attachments”, which are like little bumps on your teeth – they don’t look pretty.

  2. It is extremely painful to the point where you will feel like crying – MYTH

    On the very first day of putting on your first pair of aligners, it will most probably hurt really bad and your whole mouth will be sore. However, after the initial first few days of pain you will hardly ever feel any pain again throughout the whole treatment. Only sometimes there is a little discomfort when changing to a new set of aligners, however it is very minimal and you can go about your day without it distracting you from doing anything.

  3. You can eat soft foods with them on – MYTH

    No!!! This is one thing that makes me cringe the most!! These braces have a reason that they are removable – so you can take them out to eat! You’re not supposed to eat with them on because you can ruin them but most of all: it’s disgusting!!!

  4. You can get a lisp – FACT

    Yes, it can affect your speech but only slightly. I definitely noticed a change in my speech when I had them on vs when they were off.

  5. ┬áInvisalign can straighten very crooked teeth in only a few months – MYTH

    There are some Invisalign treatments such as Invisalign Lite and Invisalign Express that are only a few months long. These treatments are more attractive since they are cheaper + faster, however they will most likely NOT have the same end result as if you took the full Invisalign. These treatments are only recommended if you have very minor crowding, slightly crooked teeth, small gaps, and other small issues that can be fixed easily.

  6. They will ruin your romantic life – FACT

    Just like with traditional braces, while going through the Invisalign treatment your romantic/dating life will most likely be on the low. But so what? Perfect teeth will so be worth it in the end!

  7. You have to keep them on 22 hours a day or else they won’t work – MYTH

    You’re supposed to keep on your aligners for 22 hours a day for best results. However, you could go down to 20 hours per day although it will stretch out your treatment time since the longer you keep your aligners out, the longer it will be till you can change to your next set. It is recommended to change every 2 weeks with 22 hours of wear, however if you wear them for only 20 hours, then you must change them every 3 weeks instead. ALSO – if you accidentally one day leave them out for very long hours, don’t worry because it won’t ruin your whole treatment – just don’t do that too often!

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