November Favorites

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  1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire (£3.40,

  2. Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Under-Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches (£3.50,

    Gotta admit: what made me buy this eye mask was the packaging. Soap & Glory definitely never fails to attract consumers with extremely eye-catching packaging! This was the first product I ever bought from soap & glory and I was super excited to try it since I’ve seen this brand around for years.The packaging claims that the product is for “under-eye brightening” and “refreshes & revitalizes tired puffy eyes” with a special tripeptide that reduces the appearance of puffiness. Apparently after a study on 50 women, 92% of participants noticed a reduction of puffiness under the eyes. Impressive!!

    The eye patches were gel-like patches that fitted perfectly under my eyes. They weren’t too wet or slippery, and stay put even if I moved around a lot. After around 5 minutes I started feeling a tingling/burning sensation. It got really uncomfortable after a while so I took the patches off in 10 minutes instead of the recommended 20 minutes. While this was a downside, the puffiness under my eyes had actually dramatically reduced! Even when smiling or laughing, my under-eyes weren’t too puffy, it looked like I had got botox or something lol. Overall, great for a quick puff-fix for a great price!

  3. Chupa Chups Hand & Nail Cream ($5)

    I feel it’s sooo unfair that this product is only available in Thailand and not worldwide! This hand cream has GOT to be the cutest and best smelling hand cream in the world! Just look at the packaging, it looks like a novelty product for kids which is so exciting because I feel like I’m going back into my childhood where all beauty products and cosmetics had super adorable packaging.

    This product is literally like a lollipop transformed into a hand cream; It smells like you’ve dipped your hand into candy. Most importantly this cream does it’s job perfectly – when my hands are super dry it moisturizes them and takes the dryness away almost immediately!

  4. Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Glitter ($0.99,

    Glitter has become one of the top makeup trends recently, there are so many makeup companies producing highly sparkly single glitters, to luxe glitter eyeshadow palettes. One of the cheapest single glitter eyeshadows is from Wet n’ Wild. These glitters come in a small variety of different shades, however each color is very vibrant and sparkly! The quality however is not as great as the look, customers have described this as “vaseline with a glitter topping”, which is what it somewhat feels like. But with the cost of only 0.99, you can’t really expect much!

    Personally, I think this product is amazing, if you know how to use it properly! If you simply dab your brush into the glitter and apply too much of the cream part, the glitter will smudge and will ruin your eye look. The trick is to softly dab your fingers on the top part of the glitter and get as much glitter and as less of the cream as possible. Then gently dab the glitter on your eyelids. I’d gotten a lot of compliments when I put this glitter on my eyes on a night out!

  5. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm – Pink Lolita ($2, discontinued)

    One of my first makeup products ever – and I’ve stayed completely loyal to it for years! I remember putting this lip balm on before going to school everyday in middle school, high school, and then before going to classes in university!

    This tinted lip balm comes in different shades of pink/red. The color I have always been wearing is “Pink Lolita”, I think its a perfect shade of pink for almost any skin tone. It makes your lips look super juicy, plumped and soft. I think that the color of this lip balm is really the best part of it however it definitely also hydrates your lips very much, and keeps chappy-ness away.

    Unfortunately this product has been discontinued. However, the baby lips range by Maybelline is still ongoing but the packaging is now different and the formula may be different too, since the price is higher. I have not tried it – but if you have leave your thoughts in the comments!

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