A Tragic Story: My YSL Wallet Got Stolen in London!

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Have you ever had that one thing that you crave for years, you obsess over it and are determined to own it one day? There’s no way you can afford this item – but you just NEED it!

That was me with a Saint Laurent wallet. I would go to the Saint Laurent store every time I passed out and admire the products, hoping that one day I’d make enough money to make one of these wallets my own. I crazily adore the elegance and classiness of Saint Laurent items.

Soon, I had collected enough money to buy a Saint Laurent wallet, however it’s really expensive to buy in Thailand and I didn’t want to spend that extra money if I could get it for a lower price in Paris or London (where I was heading to soon).

On the day that I was going to London, I was casually roaming around the airport and it hit me – since it’s duty free – it means that the designer products will be cheaper! I went to Chanel, Gucci, and Prada and for real – everything was a LOT cheaper. Then finally I found the Saint Laurent store. In the front was a small black wallet with the YSL logo in shiny gold – it was perfect. I looked at the price and to my surprise it was around a whole 20% cheaper than the store price. Without any second thoughts I immediately purchased it. I remember waiting in the Saint Laurent store while the staff were processing my purchase – BEST FEELING EVER. My first designer item ever! From my favorite designer!

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I was so happy, I walked around the airport with the YSL shopping bag treating it as if it were a box of diamonds lol. I loved my wallet just like a little child loves their favorite toy. I took a lot of care of it, made sure it didn’t get even one little scratch or tear. But little did I know I was about to lose it forever…

3 months later, one early morning I was was casually roaming around South London. My wallet was inside my Coach shoulder bag that I had on. I found something that I wanted to purchase so I went ahead and opened my bag to take out my wallet – but there was NO sign of it! In fact – my bag was completely empty. Phone gone, wallet gone, earphones gone. The one thing that was left was my Oyster card (lol thanks for not COMPLETELY ruining me @ thief).

I was in complete shock!! Something that I valued so much was gone, just like that. It hit me that I had been a victim of pick pocketing. It was crazy how someone stole all those things from my bag without me noticing AT all! Crazy talent right there lol.

Needless to say, from that day on I never took my credit cards or too much cash whenever I went out of my home. I would only take one of my debit cards which never had more than £100 in it. But hey it’s London – you got to watch out for your belongings EVERY second or you might not ever see them again!

Two weeks later I was withdrawing some money out of my debit card from an ATM machine. There was a tall man standing behind me and I didn’t think anything of it and put in my PIN without covering the numbers with my hand (BIG MISTAKE). As soon as I was done with my transaction and the card was let out of the ATM, the man quickly grabbed my card and ran!!!

If you’re someone who lives in London or is planning to visit soon, please stay very cautious at ALL times. As you now know, thieves are very quick and can easily rob you without you being aware of it. 

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