Understanding Mental Health #WorldMentalHealthDay

“Understanding mental health is so important. One day you could save someones life just by understanding them, when nobody else could”

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You’re depressed? LOL same I’m so bored today.

NO – Depression is being used so casually and so often these days to refer to minor inconveniences, that it seems to take away from the real seriousness of the actual mental illness. Major depressive disorder is not being sad for a day or two, neither is it simply “being bored”. It is an actual imbalance of chemicals in your brain which causes you to be constantly in a miserable, empty and demotivated state of mind. Depressed people usually lack vision, don’t enjoy things they used to enjoy, and they have a constant feeling of hopelessness.

Life becomes you walking in a non-ending tunnel of darkness without any light at the end. Some depressed people might also turn to self harm to cope with the strong emotions or lack of emotions, and at the worst may turn to thoughts of ending their life. After all, who wants to live in a state of constant darkness with no hope? Nobody.

If you’re someone who’s suffering with depression and are reading this, I want you to know that there IS a light at the end of the dark tunnel. You will probably refuse to believe this but that light will start shining once you start getting help for yourself. You know you want to get out of this, and the only way you do that is to push yourself and get help. See a therapist. Didn’t feel any better? See another one. Still don’t feel any hope? Try again and again – eventually you’ll find a therapist who is able to give you hope for the future. Also, remember: be patient with yourself. Reward yourself for the smallest steps you make. You’ll be so proud of yourself once you finally see the light.

Read more about clinical depression: www.healthline.com/health/clinical-depression 

You’re anorexic? Well, simple: EAT!

NO – it’s definitely not “simple” and no, someone with Anorexia cannot just “eat” because you’re telling them to.

You have an anxiety disorder? Wow what BS – everyone gets anxiety.

YES – almost all people get anxiety but NO – not everyone has an “anxiety disorder”. Anxiety is completely normal however an anxiety disorder is a mental disorder and pretty much takes over your life. Most people feel anxious or nervous in situations such as public speaking, meeting new people, trying out new things – however the anxiety usually does not come in the way of hindering performance. A person with an anxiety disorder may completely try and avoid anxiety striking situations because of their immense fear. Panic attacks are another problem that come with anxiety disorders – it takes over you mentally and physically and completely freezes you. Basically – having an anxiety disorder pretty much ruins your life.

People with anxiety disorders are really really terrified of certain situations, so please be patient and understanding with them.

You have a drug addiction? That’s your fault, you’re a bad person so deal with it.

YES – it is their fault for choosing to take drugs in the first place, but NO – nobody is a “bad” human being just because they decide to take drugs or alcohol. And NO – telling someone with an addiction to just “deal” with it or “try to stop” is the worst thing you could say. They can’t stop by themselves and their health will only continue to deteriorate.

Substance abuse is usually related to mental health issues such as depression – when a person is depressed they continuously have unhealthy amounts of drugs and/or alcohol to make themselves forget their emotions or to feel better. This is called Dual Diagnosis. Once the high goes down they feel depressed again and crave more to get rid of the sadness. Some people may realize they are addicted and will start to fight the addiction themselves.

However, some addictions may be so psychologically or physically strong, that it is not possible for the person to help themselves. This is when YOU – the witness needs to help them! Take them to the doctor, or therapist or rehab center. If they don’t get help, their health and life will get ruined. Remember – they may be at fault for resorting to drugs to cope but their mental illness is not their fault. And you should be supportive.

Read more about substance abuse and mental illness: https://medlineplus.gov/dualdiagnosis.html

In this post I’ve tried to clear up some of the main stigmas that uninformed people relate to mental illnesses. The mental health issues I’ve discussed above are definetly not ALL the mental health issues that exist. There are so many more. I strongly recommend that you educate yourself more about mental health problems so that you may be able to notice if anyone around you is suffering and you may be able to help them. Remember, people suffering from mental health issues may not always be aware of it and YOU can make a change!

Thank you for reading <3

– Pinky

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    1. I am so sorry to hear that! 🙁 I’m glad you took the decision to see a professional though- now that you are diagnosed you can try and work towards getting better. Most people will unfortunately not understand how hard it is, but stay strong!! 🙂

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