How To Cover EXTREME Dark Circles

Do you have very dark under eye circles that just DO NOT go away?

Having extreme dark circles is not just because of lack of sleep, bad diet or stress, it’s usually because of genetics and because of that they’re extremely hard to get rid of!

You’ve probably bought tons of concealers including “high coverage” ones but realized that they just don’t seem to do the trick – and you probably encounter these problems:

  • Grey-ish tinge to the under-eye area
  • Creasing and increased appearance of fine lines
  • Concealer wears off and dark circles show after a few hours
  • Your concealer looks unnatural and unsuitable for an everyday look

Heres an ultimate guide on how to completely hide your dark circles + solve all these problems !

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    This is a very important step which most people tend to ignore. To color correct, you first need to determine your skin tone and then accordingly choose the color to correct with.Β Heres a guide by Cosmopolitan on How to Color Correct

    Light skin –> Pale Pink
    Medium skin –> Peach / Light Orange
    Olive skin –> Yellow
    Dark skin –> Deep Orange

    I have an olive skin tone however since my dark circles are very dark I use an orange color corrector. My favorite is HD Pro Conceal in the shade Orange by LA Girl ($5).


    Choosing the right shade of concealer is really important. Usually it is recommended that the shade of your concealer should be LIGHTER than your skin tone but ONLY by 1-2 shades. If it is too light you may notice that your under eye area looks grey.

    The concealer I use is Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer by Urban Decay ($29). It’s an amazing concealer – it’s full coverage without feeling heavy or cake-y! It also lasts all day / night.

  3. BAKE

    Bake your under eye area by dabbing a beauty blender into a translucent setting powder and applying it over the concealed area. Wait for 5-10 minutes and then brush off all the excess powder. This step is very important as it will prevent creasing + will set your concealer!

    Most setting powders come in white, which doesn’t always work well with tan – darker skin tones and can cause ashy flashbacks when taking pictures. I use Ben Nye’s Banana Powder which is amazing! There is no ashy flashback + the yellow color further helps to color correct!

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