REVIEW: Syoss Hair Color Velvet Violet (3-99)

Syoss Hair Color Review: Velvet Violet (3-99)

If you love coloring your hair like I do, every time you go to a beauty store or drug store the first section you probably go to is always the section with hair dyes!

So last month, I was doing the usual of running up to the hair dyes section, hoping to see some new innovative hair color. Well to my surprise I found this…

Syoss Hair Color
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My parents stopped letting me buy box dyes since I’d bought over 10 and none of them worked but when they saw this they got convinced too (good job on the packaging syoss)

This is what the swatch says:

Syoss Hair Color

Tbh, I didn’t believe that it would actually work (like most other box dyes…). But I tried it anyways…

The process is very simple, you just have to mix the developer and color cream and shake it and then apply it on to your hair.

Okay BUT here’s the bad part…


Horrible actually isn’t even the word for it.

It smelled deadly. The smell was stronger than any dye I’d ever used before. In fact, it was so bad that I actually was pretty sure that I was going to die after that lol.

When the waiting time was over I washed my hair out and my white bathtub was really really really pink. But thankfully it did not stain anything.


Syoss Hair Color
With Indoor Lighting


Syoss Hair Color
With Natural Lighting


Overall Review: 

Overall Rating (/5): ☆☆☆☆

Would I recommend this? Yes, if you’d be happy with just a slight tint of purple.

Does it do what it claims? Yes and No. If you have black hair, your hair will still look black when you are indoors. But outdoors or in strong lighting it will be a cute pink/red/violet color 🙂

Hair Damage: I did not notice any damage/difference in my hair 😀

Where to get it: I bought the Syoss hair color at a supermarket in Bangkok… I don’t know if you can get this in other countries but here are some online stores:

Alternatives: If you have brown hair I suggest you just try Manic Panic Purple Haze as it will probably give the same effect. But if you have jet black hair this would be the best way to get to purple without bleaching!

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