NO MEAT Since 2 Years?! My Experience


I’ve officially been vegetarian now for almost 2 years now and I feel SO proud of myself! It’s crazy to think I haven’t eaten a single bit of chicken, bacon, ham, etc since November 2015! Being vegetarian is extremely easy (and healthy!) and I really encourage everyone to at least give it a go!! Read on to get to know my experience transitioning from a meat lover to a vegetarian.

Believe it or not, I was a meat lover ever since I was a kid. My favorite foods included anything with chicken, ham or salami… I still remember how 12 year old me used to go like “I ain’t eating that unless it got chicken in it!”

So HOW did *I* ever decide to stop eating meat?????

In November 2015, I was casually scrolling through my youtube watching adorable animal videos. Suddenly there was a video in my suggestions that caught my attention. It was a video from PETA (OF COURSE lol) showing how cows/chickens/pigs were treated at slaughter houses. I literally cried. But I am so glad that I decided to click on that video.

That one video made me think – nope NEVERĀ eating an animal in my life again!

But that didn’t quite work. I continued to eat chicken and pork. However, in minimal quantities. I wanted to completely stop but you know when I saw that delicious salami pizza that my family was enjoying I couldn’t resist myself. And that’s OK, almost nobody can stop eating meat all of a sudden! I believe that it’s a gradual process. So don’t be scared about “having to stop eating meat all of a sudden”, you don’t.

I started to watch more and more videos on how animals are treated in places around the world (I know that it is not intensely apathetically cruel everywhere, but still, not even ONE animal deserves to be treated cruelly). I decided that I was going to officially stop eating meat forever, because I felt like I was personally contributing to this happening.

Why? Because if we humans (including myself) didn’t eat meat (or do other things that cause harm to animals), then there would be no reason for people to kill so many animals everyday. Why would they do it if they didn’t get any sales and profit?

You may be wondering, how does ONE PERSON stopping to eat meat help the animals in anyway?

Not in the short term, obviously one person going vegetarian/vegan won’t help at all. However, in the long term, as more and more of us stop eating meat, there will be a smaller demand for meat. Meat selling businesses may go out of business = ending the slaughter of animals.

Okay so, I went completely vegan for a week (no eggs, no diary products, no meat). I didn’t have a lot of choices for meals, however my mum knew someĀ recipes that were completely vegan (they weren’t delicious but I’m not a food obsessed person who I didn’t really care). That one week went by great and I didn’t even feel any different health-wise. HOWEVER, I decided that this lifestyle wasn’t best suited to me – so I went back to vegetarian. I think that’s okay, it’s really not easy to be 100% vegan and I have huge respect for the people who are!

In the upcoming weeks, I went out for lunch/dinner many times and guess what? My friends were eating meat. And not just “meat”, but the really delicious 5 star restaurant cooked meat. I’m not going to lie – I wanted to eat it really bad. But I didn’t. And guess what?! I felt really really good! It’s like the good feeling you get when you help someone – because basically you are low-key helping the innocent animalsĀ out there.

After around 5 months, I’d pretty much forgotten the taste of any type of meat and I did not feel the need or want to eat it !!!! After 2 years now, I STILL sometimes have cravings to eat chickenĀ nuggets or a hot dog but those tiny cravings will never make me change my mind. I am super proud to be vegetarian šŸ™‚Ā 


Animals have emotions and feelings just likeĀ you do. Animals have families and bonds with their children and parents just like you do.Ā Animals CAN feel pain. They can feel fear. They can feel being slashed and beaten to death.

If at least 50% of the human population goes vegan/vegetarian, it can make a HUGE difference. It is not only going to reduce the amount of animal murder and slaughter, but will also be a strong protest. We together can do so much šŸ™‚

Comment below your experience/thoughts on veganism šŸ˜€Ā 

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