10 Myths About Coloring Hair

There’s so much of a negative stigma attached to dying your hair when it’s really not that bad as it seems!!! Here’s 10 widely believed myths about hair dying, and an explanation for why they aren’t true.

  1. “Bleaching your hair will make your hair fall off”

    NO – it will not make your hair fall off HOWEVER it is very possible that there will be some breakage at the ends of your hair. Also, there will be more serious breakage if you (or even a professional) does something wrong  such as leaving the bleach on for too long, using too much heat, or using a developer that is too strong such as 40 vol.

  2. “Bleaching your hair will give you grey hairs”

    NO – there has not been any scientific proof that bleaching hair causes grey hair earlier than normal.

  3. “Manic Panic colors are dangerous and harmful for your hair”

    NO – Manic Panic is a vegetable based dye and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals!

  4. “You can’t lighten dark hair without bleach”

    NO – you can!! There are many box hair dyes that can lighten dark virgin hair by 1-3 shades. For a higher lift, lighteners can be used. However for the highest lift OR for hair that doesn’t lift easily – bleach is the best way to go.

  5. “You can’t go from brunette to blond in a day without completely destroying your hair”

    This was somewhat true last year but now.. YOU CAN!! Thanks to the magic potion: OLAPLEX!

  6. “You need white blond hair to be able to go pastel”

    NO – My hair was bleached to a light blond and wasn’t even close to white blond, yet I colored it pastel colors many times!

  7. “Maintaining “unnatural” hair colors is hard”

    NO – it’s pretty easy! You just follow your normal hair care routine and that’s all.  However, it might be harder to maintain colors that fade easily.

  8. “Dying your hair will give you cancer”

    NO – Hair dye is more of a risk for people like hair colorists who frequently inhale the chemicals of hair dyes. However, dying your hair just a few times won’t significantly increase your risk for cancer. Also permanent hair dyes are more risky than temporary/semi-permenant so you should opt for those instead.

  9. “Box dyes suck”

    YES – this one is actually true. The results hardly ever come out the way it looks on the box, especially for lightening your hair.

  10. “Once you dye your hair, you will never get your natural hair color back”

    NO !!!!!!!! Hair dye can’t change your original hair color. Even if you use permanent hair dye – when your roots grow out, it will be the same original color!

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